DFG funded RTG Dimensions of Constructional Space

Welcome to the DFG-Funded Research Training Group of the Dimensions of Constructional Space at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

The Research Training Group will explore a relatively new paradigm in linguistics that has become known under the name of Construction Grammar (CxG). The fundamental premise of this approach is that the totality of speakers’ linguistic knowledge is represented in a network of form-meaning pairings called constructions. Constructions differ in size (ranging from morphemes through phrasal and clausal templates to discourse conventions), abstractness (fully elaborated, partially schematic, fully schematic) and entrenchment, as well as in the way they interconnect with other constructions in the network. These properties define a multidimensional space we call ‘constructional space’.

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What Do Construction Grammarians Think About Construction Grammar? The RTG is thrilled to announce a talk by Hans Boas from The University of Texas in the Research Training Group "Dimensions of Constructional Space." In the course of this talk, several key issues within the Construction Grammar ...

Category: Talks and Events

Our Research Training Group Dimensions of Constructional Space was privileged to host Prof. Stefan Th. Gries for a series of workshops and talks. His insightful introduction to mixed effects modeling took place on the 20th to 22nd of June.